poniedziałek, 23 marca 2009

warning: peer certificate won't be verified in this SSL session

# Remove warning: "warning: peer certificate won't be verified in this SSL session"
require 'openssl'
module OpenSSL
module SSL
remove_const :VERIFY_PEER

Nice and useful.

czwartek, 19 marca 2009

Sun Cloud Computing

Sun Cloud Computing executives Dave Douglas and Lew Tucker preview the Sun Cloud - the industry's most flexible, open and portable public cloud platform.

Since yesterday I'm really excited about Sun Cloud. From what I've seen, Sun Open Cloud Computing is more powerfull solution then AWS Amazon. Check how simple you can drag&drop hole environment then select hole or part and create "clone" for HA - Impressive!

środa, 18 marca 2009


Just incredible.

piątek, 6 marca 2009

[A-100] Firmware 01-17-090125-15-POP-402

11. Fixed HDD spin-up during standby

w0w finally they fix that. My ears love them :)

Release notes

środa, 4 marca 2009

My recent tricks for postgresql

1. echo deadline > /sys/block/{device}/queue/scheduler

2. change filesystem from ext3 into reiserfs

Really nice for hour work include synchronize nodes. Of course after find out what to do :)