czwartek, 30 lipca 2009

Cooling doors

Sun provides two types of cooling doors, which attach directly to the Sun Blade 6048 Chassis

Quite WoW :)

wtorek, 28 lipca 2009

SAS vs SSD with vdbench

Server SAS vs SSD
HP DL360 G6 8x146GB SAS 15k RAID 10 HP DL360 G6 8x146GB SAS 15k RAID 50 DELL M600 2x146GB SAS 15K RAID1 Sun X4450 4x32GB SSD Sun X4140/X4440 4x32GB SSD Sun T5240 4x32GB SSD
Random Read (4K) 2.1K IOPS 1.9K IOPS 0.6K IOPS 98.4K IOPS 33.8K IOPS 71.5K IOPS
Random Write (4K) 1.9K IOPS 1.1K IOPS 0.25K IOPS 31.8K IOPS 16.6K IOPS 14.4K IOPS
50-50 Read/Write (4K) 2.0K IOPS 1.4K IOPS 0.3K IOPS 14.9K IOPS 13.3K IOPS 15.7K IOPS
Sequential Read (MB/sec) 383 MB/sec 245 MB/sec 71 MB/sec 764 MB/sec 463 MB/sec 1012 MB/sec
Sequential Write (MB/sec) 219 MB/sec 597 MB/sec 70 MB/sec 376 MB/sec 470 MB/sec 531 MB/sec

SSD results get from here
Test file was:


###Random Read and writes tests varying transfer size
###Sequential read and Write tests varying transfer size

poniedziałek, 6 lipca 2009

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs - Sun movie ?

Blue Sky Studios, a wholly-owned unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment, deployed Sun Blade servers and Sun Ultra workstations for the rendering of its new animated feature Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, giving them four times better performance than their previous solution.

Blue Sky deployed a Sun Constellation System consisting of 10 Sun Blade 6048 chassis with a total of 480 Sun Blade X6250 server modules, each powered by two Intel Xeon processor 5400 series; 120 Sun Ultra 24 workstations powered by the Intel Core 2 processor; and Sun's Enterprise Installation Services. After full implementation, Blue Sky reaped performance that was four times faster than their previous solution, allowing them to render digital frames faster and create more frames in less time.